Select from Native WP, Horizontal and even Mega Menu, just like it should be.

WordPress Native Left-Sided Menu

Natively in WordPress Admin ( WP-Admin ), you are provided with a left sided menu that is rigid.  You cannot arrange the Menu like you do your Menus on your theme, with drag and drop functionality.

Considering it’s such a large menu item and I am one that likes to organize, that annoys the living daylights out of me.  I would hope that I am not alone in that thought!

So I decided to develop a ” drag n drop ” feature for the left sidebar menu, so you can easily organize your menu to your own liking.  Also, at WHIZZ you get the “classic” separators back, which I dearly miss.  Watch the demo video for a visual aid.

WHIZZ Horizontal Drop Down Menu

I would say that most of the current wordpress websites have horizontal menus with dropdown sub menu navigation.  I liked the idea of being able to have a custom horizontal menu taken from the left-sided native wp-menu.  So this is now offered in WHIZZ Menus and is created by simple ” drag n drop” functionality.

Now you can decide how your WP-Admin Menu looks and customize it to your own requirements.  Watch the demo video to see a visual explanation of the features.

Menus are the single most important area for quick navigation and finding what you need fast and easily.  Finding your beloved plugin dumped at the bottom of the menu bar is somewhat frustrating when it’s one you use every day.
With WHIZZ Menus, you now take back control of your WP Admin Menus.  WHIZZ features WordPress Menu Management and it’s a must have for any WP Administrator.
WHIZZ Bookmarks

BOOKMARKS are super helpful if you’re in WP-Admin regularly and wish to visit your favorite websites quickly.

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PLUGINS can be categorized and organized. Drag n drop functionality is a standard feature.

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WHIZZ Plugins

MODAL can provide you with beautiful custom login pages with bespoke design and backgrounds.

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USERS can be organized into a valuable contact list instead of being “just” a list of WP users.

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COLORIZE your menu(s) with dividers, color rollover and drag n drop functionality. Organize your Menu(s).

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